Relief From Pain

Research has linked hypnosis to pain relief, and recent studies suggest how this mind-body approach works to reduce pain. While undergoing MRI scans when patients were hypnotized prior to being touched with heat stimulus, as well as when the patients were not hypnotized, researchers found that hypnosis was successful in significantly reducing or eliminating pain in all 12 volunteers. Even more impressive was that the MRI scans showed that under hypnosis, activity was reduced in the areas of the brain responsible for pain perception. Research further suggests that hypnosis somehow blocks pain signals in the body from getting to the parts of the brain that perceive pain. (Regional Anesthesia and pain Medicine, November-December 2004)

After a full evaluation from your physician for the treatment of chronic pain conditions such as Migraine Headaches, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many others, hypnosis is often recommended for additional treatment of the symptoms that interfere with daily activity. Jolene works closely with several Pain physicians to help improve your lifestyle and reduce your pain.

The release of endorphin (200 times stronger than morphine) as well as the muscle relaxation achieved during hypnosis can help to alleviate and even eliminate pain from chronic conditions. Jolene is uniquely qualified to help you manage your chronic pain condition not only as a chronic pain patient herself, but receiving her hypnosis training over a 12 year period at LDS Hospital Pain Clinic.

At the completion of hypnosis therapy (usually 6-8 sessions), you will receive audio recordings of each session to help reinforce the relaxation habit and release endorphin daily. You will further receive training during group classes to teach you the process of self-hypnosis so you can continue to manage your condition over time. You might also like to research further Hypnosis and Pain Management studies:

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**Multiple hypnosis sessions may be needed to obtain your goals with hypnosis, call to schedule an individual session, customized to your unique needs. Hypnosis is never replacement for regular medical treatment. Hypnosis is often best used in conjunction with other wellness processes to achieve your desired results and outcomes.**

Insomnia Relief and Sleep Disorders

Enjoyable, safe and non-habit forming: Hypnosis has been shown to help people fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep through the night. Researchers in England compared the sleep inducing ability of sleeping pills, hypnosis, and a placebo on volunteer insomniacs. Some of the volunteers learned to put themselves in a “warm, safe place” and were able to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep better than either the drug or the placebo group. The Theta state of mind achieved during hypnosis, will allow your mind to become quiet and peaceful, letting go of the daily distracting thoughts that interfere with sleep.

Using audio hypnosis sessions prior to falling asleep, along with good sleep hygiene, begins to change the patterns of insomnia and allow for a restorative sleep process. You will awaken feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day.

*You can find further information about the outcome of Insomnia and the use of Hypnosis in the “Journal of Sleep”; December 2003 issue.

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Stress and Anxiety Relief

From the most primitive times, humans have possessed an escape mechanism that today under stressful conditions releases adrenal chemicals that activate the “Fight or Flight” response within the body. Over time, this response conditions our mind to react to stressors in a hyper-alert fashion, producing additional adrenal stress chemicals and taxing the mind’s ability to cope and react in a calm, peaceful manner. Research has shown that the body’s immune system is also compromised by this stressful response. Prolonged daily stress can damage many areas of our body, such as coronary artery disease, which can lead to a stroke. Fibromyalgia and other auto-immun diseases,gastric problems, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, decreased sexual drive and high cortisol levels are all symptoms of high stress levels. Studies have shown a direct correlation between stress and depression, lack of motivation and even mental clarity.

According to Dr. Melissa C. Stoppler, “In addition to decreased feelings of pain, secretion of endorphins leads to feelings of euphoric, modulation of appetite, release of sex hormones, and enhancement of the immune response. With high endorphin levels, we feel less pain and fewer negative effects of stress”.

One of the natural benefits of the hypnosis process is a reduction of stress and anxiety levels due to the endorphin and serotonin release that accompanies each hypnosis session. The endorphin response offers the ability to neutralize adrenal chemicals and restore the body and mind to a natural balance. Along with experiencing the relaxing effects of the hypnosis process, you will learn new coping skills to manage everyday stressors including advanced breathing techniques. Stress reduction with hypnosis can enhance your communication and relationships in many areas of your life.

Altered states of hypnosis for anxiety

Others areas of improvement with hypnosis:

  1. Dental Phobia
  2. Fear of Flying
  3. Enhance Athletic Performance
  4. Learning Enhancement and Memory
  5. Test Taking
  6. And much more…

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Study and Memory Enhancement

The human mind is capable of recalling virtually any information that it desires to remember. The mind large enough to store memories and information from an entire lifetime. And capable of remembering everything that has ever been see, heard read or experienced. Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective tool for stimulating the learning process, increasing motivation, establishing beneficial study habits, boosting self-confidence and reducing study and exam stress.

Students in school can advance their studies to a substantial degree while acquiring habits that will provide benefits for a lifetime. Adults going back to school and in all occupations can gain the motivation to undertake continuing education adding to existing knowledge and developing new skills to increase income and provide more job satisfaction.

Attitudes and interests can be changed, poor habit patterns can be overcome, enthusiasm can be developed and Self-confidence and Self-respect will naturally increase. When fear is present it obstructs learning and reduces self-esteem, get back into control by releasing the fears that are holding you back. Countless Olympian athletics, Tiger Woods and many professional and college level athletics use hypnosis regularly to improve their performance. Numerous physicians, attorneys, and even fire fighters have used hypnosis to pass their tough exams and move into the successful careers of their dreams.

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**Multiple hypnosis sessions may be needed to obtain your goals with hypnosis. Call to schedule an individual session, customized to your unique needs. Hypnosis is never a replacement for regular medical treatment. Hypnosis is often best used in conjunction with other wellness processes to achieve your desired results and outcomes. Please never listen to your download while driving or operating mechanical equipment.**

Weight Loss

Studies show that adding hypnotherapy to healthy lifestyle treatments for weight reduction can increase the chances of losing weight and keeping it off. Hypnosis can be helpful in reinforcing changes in attitudes about eating and motivation for physical activity.

Since all behaviors and habits are stored in the subconscious mind, messages that are designed to bring about change in habits or other conditioning do not effect change unless they are directed to the subconscious mind. Losing weight and keeping it off almost always involves changes in lifestyle and attitude, hypnotherapy allows you to accomplish this in the easiest possible fashion. Weight loss with hypnosis can be slow (1-3 pounds per week), however hypnosis is safe and effective and most importantly, permanent since behaviors, food choices, and habits will be changing.

Whether your needs include, portion control, emotional eating, Sugar reduction, self-esteem or lack of confidence; hypnosis can help to change thoughts and attitudes of the mind that have led to your weight gain. Your food interests and tastes can be modified to increase the desire for healthy foods with appropriate nutrition, and reduce the desire for junk foods.

If you have experienced cravings, lack or motivation or even self-sabotage with past dieting and weight loss efforts, it’s time to address the unconscious mind and support it in creating real and lasting change so that you can end the struggle and finally enjoy lasting weight loss success that can last a lifetime.

Four sessions are standard for the Weight Loss program, either in private sessions or an occasional weekend group class format(minimum of 6 clients required)The program includes educational handouts and hypnosis CD’s. Please call to schedule a phone or in person appointment, you can also email your address to or call 801-942-6175 to receive an informational brochure.

In a 9 week study of two Weight Management groups ( one group using hypnosis and the other not), the hypnosis group continued to get results in a 2 year follow-up, while the non-hypnosis group showed no further results (Journal of ClinicalPsychology 1985)

In a study of 60 women separated into hypnosis versus non-hypnosis groups, the groups using hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds. While the non-hypnosis group lost only .5 pounds (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986)

In a meta-analysis, comparing the results of adding hypnosis to weight loss treatment across multiple studies, showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and even more importantly increased the post treatment effectiveness by over 146%. This shows that hypnosis works even better over time. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996)
International Journal of Eating Disorders, Vol. 8, No. 3, 335-341 (1989)
The Journal of Family Practice, Vol 55, No. 6 (June 2006)

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Smoking Cessation

Since smoking is both a physical and mental habit, to become a non-smoker, change must happen in not only the mental attitude, but also the physical reaction. Through hypnosis, it is possible to change the taste of a cigarette from pleasurable to unpleasant.

For most people, the absolute worst way to attempt to deal with a smoking habit is through the use of willpower. Like moods and emotions, willpower fluctuates, being neither consistent nor effective. In most cases, countless methods, programs, substitute products, pills, gum and self-help tapes my have been tried, all directed at the power to overcome the smoking addiction. Hypnotherapy does not work at achieving the strength to resist; it is designed to eliminate your DESIRE. Instead of giving up something that a person enjoys, the individual’s goal is to be rid of something that is NOT wanted. A much more psychologically agreeable position to have.

In some cases, a gradual reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked proves successful. However, in most cases, effective smoking cessation can be achieved in the first session, with only one or two follow up sessions for reinforcement.
Each session will be recorded for your daily reinforcement at home.

Can Hypnosis Snuff Out a Smoker’s Cigarette Habit?
Study shows hypnotism is an effective smoking-cessation technique.
By Lindsay Chura, U.S. News & World Report

Hypnosis and suggestion-based approaches to smoking cessation:
An examination of the evidence

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

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“Dear Jolene, I came to you for smoking cessation in December 2013. I haven’t smoked since. I never properly expressed my gratitude. I know a big part of stopping is the smoker really wanting it. With that said, you unbrain washed me and I appreciate it. Now that I found you again, I am going to refer to you like crazy.”


Additional Hypnosis Sessions

Healing and Surgery

Enjoy a more rapid recovery and less anxiety prior to surgery, by having a custom hypnosis session recorded for you with suggestions specific to your surgical procedure. A meta-analysis of 20 controlled studies found that patients who received hypnotherapy before or during surgery fared better than 89 percent of patients in control groups. Among the benefits were reduced anxiety, reduced pain, and less postoperative nausea and vomiting; less blood loss; and even shorter hospital stays.

Jolene has successfully worked with numerous cancer patients to ease the side effects of their chemotherapy and increase their healing time and mental wellness.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of California recently conducted a study offering their cardiac bypass patients three hypnosis sessions prior to surgery. The outcome showed a decreased intensive care unit stay by as much as three days. Patients reported being more comfortable and healing was more rapid. The insurance company was happy as well, they saved money.

Research shows that cancer patients who receive hypnotherapy prior to or during chemotherapy sessions have less nausea and vomiting afterward. In addition, a National Institutes of Health panel found strong evidence that hypnosis can relieve some pain associated with cancer. (The Lancet, 4/29/2000)

A hypnotherapist can also offer suggestions and images designed to restore balance to the immune system, easing symptoms of conditions such as asthma, allergies, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis and numerous other chronic pain conditions.

Medical Hypnosis in the Hospital
Medical uses of Hypnosis
Mind over Medicine

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“My surgery went very well yesterday and, as you said in the session, I am surprised at how fast and how well I am recovering. The session and the CD were incredibly helpful and I believe they made a big difference. I am continuing to listen to the CD and it is a wonderful comfort.”
– Thank you so much.