Having had what I considered an unnecessary c-section with my first birth, I sought out every advantage for a safe, natural birth when pregnant with my second child. I secured a reputable midwife who supported my choice for a VBAC delivery, a doula and most importantly, took a Jolene’s HypnoBirthing® class. The level of relaxation achieved through the HypnoBirthing techniques carried me through 13 hours of peaceful labor, not strenuous, teeth clenching pain. I have photos to testify to this wand would suggest HypnoBirthing to anyone seeking to avoid costly interventions and a prolonged recovery. With the idea in mind that our bodies are meant to bear children, a natural childbirth is easily facilitated with the use of HypnoBirthing techniques. My entire hospital stay did not exceed $2200 and we were discharged within 24 hours after my daughters birth since we were both in great health. Three weeks later, I feel great and Sophia is an alert, attentive newborn.