I first encountered Jolene Shields when my CNM recommended her as an instructor for HypnoBirthing®. I took this course and had an EXTREMELY successful natural birth. My recovery went very quickly. We were released from the hospital 19 hours after giving birth, and I was able to be up and about town running light errands the next day. It has been over two weeks at the time of this writing, and I still have not had to take any analgesics whatsoever!
My case was a little more serious than just someone desiring a successful and relaxing natural birth, however. I have multiple allergies and I am very nearly a “universal reactor”, meaning that almost all foods and environmental elements such smoke, exhaust, dust and perfume caused me to have an extreme and dangerous reaction. I was additionally allergic to all pharmaceuticals and anesthesia–making it a must that I give birth naturally. When I first contacted Jolene, I was terrified and not only unable to gain weight, I was loosing weight at the rate of 3 lbs per week! A very dangerous situation indeed!
My CNM was becoming very worried about the mortality of my unborn child, and it was beginning to look like the very difficult decision would have to be made about my having to have a premature c-section and take the risk of my going into anaphalyctic shock over the anesthetics. Jolene met with me for a private hypnotherapy session in addition to the HypnoBirthing® instruction, and treated me for auto-immunity/allergies. Quite miraculously I was nearly immediately able to add several foods that I could safely eat. By the time my baby was born, just 4 days before my due date, I had gained just enough weight; but most importantly, he was a very healthy 6 lb. and 12 oz., baby boy, perfect in every way!