Dear Jolene,
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me bring my beautiful baby girl into this world. Through HypnoBirthing, I was able to achieve the relaxed, calm, and tranquil natural birth that I really wanted. I was so relaxed and the surges (contractions) were so manageable that I went through most of my labor at home before going to the hospital. I started having surges the night before on January 9th, so I went to the hospital at they sent me home because I was only dilated to a one. The surges continued through the night and the following day but I listened to the Rainbow Relaxation CD and did my breathing techniques. Although I did feel slight discomfort, I was able to manage it through the various techniques. I finally felt the surges were strong enough and close enough together that I headed to the hospital a 4pm on Saturday Jan. 10th. While in triage, they determined I was already dilated to 10cm. and ready to deliver my baby. We checked into the hospital at 4:38 pm and she was born at 5:06pm. As you can imagine the nurses were frantically getting me prepped and ready for delivery but I was able to stay clam and relaxed throughout the delivery. One nurse said it was the best natural birth she had ever participated in. I have you, Jolene, and the HypnoBirthing® program to thank. Sirlei Ann Melendez was born on January 10, 2009, weighing 5lbs. 9 oz. and 19.5 inches long. She was time but perfectly healthy. She came out so alert and aware, and she was very calm.
Thanks again,