HypnoBirthing was a primary tool in the preparation for, and sucessful delivery of, my beautiful little girl. In class I learned the nuts and bolts science of what was happening to my body. I learned how my brain and body worked together to shape my experience of the birth process and how I could actively participate in making birth an easier process for my body, my baby and myself. I learned how to be confident about self-advocacy in a way that was respectful and embracing of the medical professionals that I was working with (Altaview Midwives and Hospital which I loved!) This is important because Jolene’s HypnoBirthing classes emphasise the use of self-hypnosis as a complement to the birthing process, not a replacement of evidential, science-based medicine.
I believe that HypnoBirthing gave me the confidence to try medication-free childbirth and ultimately helped me successfully deliver a healthy, alert baby in a loving, low stress way. It helped my partner help me when all I knew was centered in 10 centimeters and he was able to step in and help me breathe and knew the visualizations to walk me through. My midwife told me that it was one of the quietest, most peaceful births that she had attended. Because of the tools HypnoBirthing gave me, I had an amazing birth experience. Thank you Jolene Shields!