My husband and I had the opportunity to attend Jolene’s HypnoBirthing® classes a few months ago. When I first told my husband that wanted to look into the HypnoBirthing program, he laughed at me and said, “We are firm believers in the epidural.” My reply to him was “and when did you have your last epidural.” After we attended the first class, my husband had a different outlook and was very encouraging. My family and friends all thought that I was out of my mind and they even went as far as to place a bet on how long they thought I could go without the epidural. Well none of them won.
I listened to the Rainbow Relaxation hypnosis daily and my husband and I practiced at home. I had my beautiful baby girl on June 12. No drugs what so ever. Even though my labor was started with pitocin. This is my fourth child and what a wonderful experience it was for me to have her natural. I wish I would have had the confidence to have my other children natural. Things went so smoothly, it was an experience I will treasure forever. The feelings that I had after she was born are unexplainable. To this day, I still listen to the Rainbow Relaxation hypnosis CD; I have learned how to use it to help me in other ways. Thank you so very much Jolene.