You may have read my history with hypnotherapy on this website. I was in a severe care accident in 1985 and suffered nerve damage to my head and neck (Occipital Neuralgia) and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. This caused a severe migraine like headache for 3 years along with limited use of my right arm. I was on numerous pain medications, muscle relaxants and anti inflammatory medications for all of those 3 years. I was also in physical therapy 3 times per week during that time. I was miserable, my sleep was effected, my mothering was effected, my ability to work was effected as well. I was only 27 years old and I could not imagine living the rest of my life in this amount of pain. At one of my monthly Neurologist visits, my very compassionate doctor suggested that I look into a new program that was being offered at LDS Hospital called the Pain Clinic. He said it was based on the Mind-Body Pain Clinic work at Harvard University. I was miserable and looking for answers so I went to the Pain Clinics information meeting and learned that they were using alternative methods to help patients with chronic pain to get back into control of their lives and reduce their pain. I was hopeful for the first time in years. I went into the clinic on February 22, 1988 (you remember the day you get well) and my life changed forever. During that first session of hypnosis, I was out of pain!!! Now that pain relief only lasted a few hours but we were told that with continued use of the hypnosis process we would be able to increase the endorphin and dopamine levels in brains and manage our pain. I practiced diligently for the next 6 months and finally found complete pain relief. Now while the daily pain is gone, I still have the same condition, my body just manages the condition with the relaxation and control of the hypnosis process. Unfortunately the Pain Clinic and many Pain Clinics around the country closed due to lack of insurance funding, but I was allowed to bring the process into my private practice and teach patients the use of this wonderful skill that is in fact, one of the first pain management techniques that has been used since the sleep temples of ancient Egypt. In deepest gratitude for my wellbeing and ability to get back into my life, I was later asked to join the staff at LDS Hospital Pain Clinic where I worked for 12 years prior to starting my own hypnotherapy practice.

Below is a link to a radio interview from the BBC that speaks eloquently to the use of hypnosis for pain relief. Enjoy and  call today for an appointment to help manage your pain at 801-942-6175.