Additional Hypnosis Sessions

Enjoy a more rapid recovery and less anxiety prior to surgery, by having a custom hypnosis session recorded for you with suggestions specific to your surgical procedure. A meta-analysis of 20 controlled studies found that patients who received hypnotherapy before or during surgery fared better than 89 percent of patients in control groups. Among the benefits were reduced anxiety, reduced pain, and less postoperative nausea and vomiting; less blood loss; and even shorter hospital stays.

Jolene has successfully worked with numerous cancer patients to ease the side effects of their chemotherapy and increase their healing time and mental wellness.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of California recently conducted a study offering their cardiac bypass patients three hypnosis sessions prior to surgery. The outcome showed a decreased intensive care unit stay by as much as three days. Patients reported being more comfortable and healing was more rapid. The insurance company was happy as well, they saved money.

Research shows that cancer patients who receive hypnotherapy prior to or during chemotherapy sessions have less nausea and vomiting afterward. In addition, a National Institutes of Health panel found strong evidence that hypnosis can relieve some pain associated with cancer. (The Lancet, 4/29/2000)

A hypnotherapist can also offer suggestions and images designed to restore balance to the immune system, easing symptoms of conditions such as asthma, allergies, and autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis and numerous other chronic pain conditions.

Medical Hypnosis in the Hospital
Medical uses of Hypnosis
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“My surgery went very well yesterday and, as you said in the session, I am surprised at how fast and how well I am recovering. The session and the CD were incredibly helpful and I believe they made a big difference. I am continuing to listen to the CD and it is a wonderful comfort.”
– Thank you so much.


**Multiple hypnosis sessions may be needed to obtain your goals with hypnosis. Call to schedule an individual session, customized to your unique needs. Hypnosis is never a replacement for regular medical treatment. Hypnosis is often best used in conjunction with other wellness processes to achieve your desired results and outcomes. Please never listen to your download while driving or operating mechanical equipment.**

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