Every day I receive Google updates from all around the world on the use of hypnosis in different countries and for different treatments. Recently I received an update that I wanted to share with you. While the U.S. seems ruled by Big Pharma, outside of the U.S. alternative and complementary medicine is part of many cultures healing protocol. I spend at least 15 minutes with every new client or phone call, explaining how hypnosis is not what the media or entertainment shows would have you believe it is. Hypnosis is quite simply a focused state of awareness and deep relaxation, which allows us to bypass the critical, cynical conscious brain and give new information to the subconscious brain for change in the mind and body. I love the Rule of the Mind that states that “New Programming in the subconscious is always more powerful and wins out over past programming when then two are in conflict.” So with continued hypnotic reinforcement of the new idea, change happens easily and quickly. Simply put, when you use hypnosis to change old outdated patterns and wounds, they readily heal because the subconscious mind is always ready and willing for healing and change.

Please take a moment and enjoy these 5 ways that hypnosis can help improve your mind: